Why Celesta?

Why we changed our name to Celesta Capital.


Chief Marketing Officer

25 May 2021

Celesta Capital

Six months ago we began internal discussions about the name of our firm. The name WRVI was an abbreviation borne out of our general partners’ previous firms, but was hard to remember, and we wanted something more aspirational.

After many ideas, the name that rose to the top was Celesta Capital. Celesta is derived from the word “celestial,” and speaks to the ambitious nature of the companies the firm invests in — future forward, transformative, and inspiring.

In addition, the celesta is a type of piano. The piano represents both creativity and mastery of a craft. It takes expert knowledge and skill to build a piano, likewise it takes exceptional skill and practice to play one. Therefore, the name Celesta is also inspired by the firm’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Furthermore, it is a nod to the orchestration that the firm brings to its portfolio companies, helping to harmonize and drive operational efficiency and execute an overarching strategy incorporating the many as one.

If you look closely, the logomark is composed of actual piano keys, and the color palette is derived from colors of pianos and the wood itself. The entire identity is restrained and classical in nature — our portfolio companies and their amazing work are meant to take center stage.

We look forward to continuing to shine the Celesta light onto them.